Day 3 – Spain vs Hungary vs Italy

When we go on vacation, we generally take turns on suggesting what we should do. Because many of the attractions are unfamiliar to us, the “choice” usually comes down to the restaurant.

The girls both wanted “to go” pizza from the cart vendor in the Christmas Market and they didn’t want to leave the hotel room. Fortunately the Market is only two blocks from our hotel.


For us, we quickly decided on a tapas restaurant that I had found in my research. We were lucky because the restaurant is located across the street from our hotel and on the way to the Market.

DiVin Porchello is a cozy restaurant featuring gourmet ham, cheese and a small selection of entrees. Because we did not have reservations, we were seated at a very small table next to what I would call the “carving station”.

Per our direction, the server selected 2 different hams and cheeses from Spain. To compare, he also selected choices from Hungary.

We selected a Hungarian Syrah from the Villány appelation. This was a full bodied red wine with a slight hint of licorice. I thought that it was an excellent choice to pair with the tapas.


imageThe tapas varied quite a bit by county and I wanted to dive into Italy when I saw a ham from Parma, Italy (they had a full array of ham and cheese choices from Italy as well).



Hungarian  ham is much more delicate in nature whereas the Spanish counterpart is aged longer and more like bacon. The Spanish cheese was definitely harder and well suited with our wine. Creamy and soft were the characteristics of the Hungarian cheese. One of them was lightly sprinkled with red chile powder.

Since the girls were waiting for their pizza, we opted out on dessert.

Fortunately for us, the pizza vendor was open and had both selections – Mikaela (pepperoni) and Kari (cheese). The girls were happy with their choices.









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