Day 6 – Making the most of Vienna, Austria

The girls don’t have their body clocks adjusted yet (or perhaps they are staying up late at night). In any event, they missed breakfast and the bus tour into Vienna.

Since I anticipated this, I provided them with a plate of fresh baked muffins and pastries and told them to come knock on my door when they were ready to go. In the meantime, Peggy went into town as scheduled so that she could benefit from the tour.

After they showered and changed, they knocked on my door with lots of energy and willing to take on the day. Walking towards the debarking area, I consulted with the concierge about how to get into town. He provided me with detailed directions on how we could get to St. Stephens Square.

Northeast Vienna, near the Danube
Northeast Vienna, near the Danube

The river bank had a nice walkway and a small exercise park. A few non-electrical exercise machines were present and Mikaela tried her hand at working the elliptical. On the other hand, Kari flopped on the big hammock.

Walking across the bridge, we made our way to the street. It was only a block away to the subway station Kaisermühlen and in fact, Kari found it first. The concierge told us to board the subway labeled Reumannplatz. After I figured out how to work the ticket machine, we successfully boarded.

We made our way to St. Stephen’s Square and I think we were all overwhelmed. It was similar in nature to an ancient New York Times Square. Beautiful churches and architecture, but with high end shopping. Following Dennis’ practice, I told the girls to meet up at Rolex if we got separated.

St Stephen's Square, Vienna
St Stephen’s Square, Vienna

Unfortunately, cellular service for Peggy and Kari was supposed to be supported as I had preordered a global roaming plan. Since it wasn’t working, we had no way to contact Peggy. Walking around St. Stephen’s Square aimlessly, the girls were starting to get worried.

After asking a few people, I finally found one of the Christmas markets – it was located near St. Stephen’s Church on the Square!  I think the girls were upset with me, because we had walked about 1/2 mile in the wrong direction and had to double back on our tracks to find this.

After seeing about 8 or so stands, they didn’t seem satisfied and so we boarded a taxi and I asked him to take us to a “big” Christmas market in town. After traveling about 20 minutes, we arrived at the Wiener Christkindlmarkt at Rathausplatz.

The "big" Christmas Market in Vienna
The “big” Christmas Market in Vienna

I could tell that I needed to address lunch quickly and being “lost”, I had to improvise. The taxi driver recommended Cafe Einstein and after walking into it, people were smoking and drinking beer. Hmmm.. what was he thinking?

Kari said “now where?” and seeing a restaurant directly across the street, I proudly declared “there!”

After entering, we quickly learned that the staff did not speak English very well. Fortunately, one of the servers spoke better than the others and took over for the lady that gave up on us. Since the special that day was schnitzel, I ordered that and when the girls found out what that was, they followed suit. I quickly discovered that both girls liked Austrian-style potatoes.

Since I had to soothe the girls, I took a taxi back to the dock. As our taxi pulled up, Kari immediately saw Peggy on the Viking tour bus. She ran out of the taxi and gave her a huge hug.


Some of the pictures that Peggy captured during her time away from the ship:


St. Peter's Church in Vienna
St. Peter’s Church in Vienna
St. Stephen's Cathedral
St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Inside St. Stephen's Cathedral
Inside St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Light a candle for a loved one - inside St. Stephen's Cathedral
Light a candle for a loved one – inside St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Peggy added two extra cups her collection!
Peggy added two extra cups her collection!

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