Day 7 – Traveling to Melk, Austria

I’ve really enjoyed the unobstructed floor to ceiling view from our Viking stateroom. Because I can fully open the sliding glass door, I can poke my head out, breathe the fresh air and take pictures directly from our room.

Sunrise near Spitz, Austria
Sunrise near Spitz, Austria

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise near Krems, Austria. As we moved west along the river, the sky changed somewhat, but the ripples along the river made this a very picturesque scene.

This time, I didn’t feel like braving the cold and watching the scenery from the top deck. I did manage to see some quaint towns, some ancient castles and a few churches.

In the morning, we traveled through the picturesque Wachau Valley. This is a series of small towns between Krems and Melk that attract wine connoisseurs.

On the way to Melk, Austria
On the way to Melk, Austria




At approximately 11:30am local time, we docked in Melk, Austria.



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