Day 7 – Central Town Melk, Austria

The walk from the ship was short, but very scenic. The city center wasn’t that far away and they had signs along way indicating the length of time it would take there if you were on foot.

Walking on the pathway from the dock .
Walking on the pathway from the dock .
Melk Abbey
Melk Abbey
St. Leopold Bridge
St. Leopold Bridge

To enter the city center, pedestrians must cross the St. Leopold Bridge. This bridge was built in 1937 and named after a saint patron born in Melk.

After crossing a busy thoroughfare, the walkway turned to cobblestone. I laughed out loud when I saw the name of the first restaurant – Wok In. Quite a few cafes, shops and small businesses, but unfortunately, most were closed.DSCF8425

Rathauskeller - my lunch destination
Rathauskeller – my lunch destination

I had my mind set on two different restaurants and I found one of them – Rathauskeller. People stood in front of the place and I could see that there were people dining inside.

While the restaurant was full, they had a small table in the back that was good enough for me. Since I just had schnitzel, I decided to order something else – Tafelspitz or Viennese style boiled beef with roast potatoes, apple horseradish dip, sauerkraut and a chive dip. I later found out I ordered the national dish of Austria.

IMG_3461I stopped by a bakery and picked up a couple of Melk Apple Tortes. They were moist and delicious! We enjoyed them in our cabin that evening.



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