Day 10 – Merry Christmas from Nuremberg, Germany



The night before, Boris had warned us that due to the number of locks we needed to go through, our arrival to Nuremberg could be as late as 1:00 p.m. local time, Christmas Day.

During breakfast, we we surprised to hear that we were going to arrive to Nuremberg significantly earlier than expected. Because of that Boris phoned ahead and arranged for a bus to take us into town. He explained that we would not have a tour guide to lead us, but the bus would be available to take us to town and back to the ship for lunch.

Peggy elected to remain behind with the girls and I signed up for the bus ride.

A Viking bus pulled up alongside the ship and transported over 40 individuals. A student by the name of Patrick, joined us and provided commentary throughout the ride into Old Town, Nuremberg. Patrick provided effective commentary and was quite humorous in the delivery.

After we debarked from the bus, Patrick assembled us at a key intersection and gave everyone a wide variety of things to do. There were 2 church services that we about to start, a nice public view platform of the city, the names & locations of restaurants and coffee shops that were open that day.

On the 7th floor of a public garage in Nuremberg.

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What sounded most appealing to me was to go to the public garage and take the elevator up to the 7th floor. Patrick explained that the best views of the city were from the roof and he was right!

The Pegnitz River, Nuremberg Germany
The Pegnitz River, Nuremberg, Germany
The Pegnitz River, Nuremberg, Germany

Along the riverbank was a Starbucks and it happened to be open. I walked along the bank of the river and enjoyed the sights. I was amazed at the number of people riding the bus on Christmas Day.










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