Day 8 – A German / Austrian Dinner aboard the Viking Baldur

It wasn’t until my niece, Liane, visited Germany that I knew that I had to try pork knuckle. When I took my mom to vacation in Milwaukee, WI, I had pork knuckle and I was hooked.

Pork knuckle is the area of the hog where the leg attaches to the foot. When consumed, the meat falls off the bone and is extremely tender. The outside is very crispy and full of flavor.

Even Boris dressed up for the occasion!
Even Boris dressed up for the occasion!

I was delighted to hear that pork knuckle was one of the main entrees featured that evening. Appetizers were already present on each table in the dining room: sliced cured meats, an assortment of cheese, green olives and German potato salad.

Diners could have more by helping themselves to extras on the center table. Soft Bavarian pretzels were also at each table.

The wait staff including the entire management staff dressed up German attire; some were in authentic German lederhosen.

Somewhat out of character, was a suckling pig. Needless to say, I helped myself to a small serving of that as well.

Mikaela and I ordered the pork knuckle.Also included was a bratwurst and Knödel, a meat dumpling. Peggy and Kari ordered the Schnitzel which included Käsekrainer sausage and potato salad.

Since I missed eating Sachertorte when we were in Vienna, I was happy that I had a chance to try this famous Austrian chocolate torte. This torte consisted of light and dark chocolate cake separated by apriot jam.

Famous Austrian dessert - Sachertorte
Famous Austrian dessert – Sachertorte



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