Day 10 – Afternoon tour into Nuremberg

Because it was Christmas Day, museums, most restaurants and shops were closed. This time, Peggy, Kari and Mikaela took the city tour into Nuremberg, Germany and I remained on the ship.

IMG_0376 IMG_0378The bus stopped at the Nazi party rally grounds at the location where Adolf Hitler gave his speeches. The Nazi rally grounds is an approximate 6 square mile area in southeast Nuremberg.  Many tourists want to take a picture doing the Hitler gesture, but doing so is considered “illegal” and may result in a jail sentence.

Presently there is a lot of debate about whether the Nazi party rally rounds should remain as an historical landmark or whether they should demolish it and build a soccer stadium. There are many that feel that retaining this landmark will give Nuremberg a permanent black mark.

They drove by the Nazi documentation center. This area was used to process Jews during World War II. Present day German officials decided that it would send a powerful message to use the documentation center as a way to process the current Syria refugees into Germany.

IMG_0380The Nuremberg Castle was the next stop on the tour.  The top of the castle provided great views of the city. It was built as a defense tower complete with a moat that never had water surrounding it.

Among the Christmas Markets in Germany, the Christmas Market in Nuremberg had just closed for the season. A couple were still open selling Glühwein. Despite being Christmas Day, there were a lot of people in the streets.

Trivia Fact: Sandra Bullock was raised in Nuremberg for 12 years and grew up speaking German.




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