Day 13 – Prague, Czech Republic

We decided to tour Prague as a group again and rejoined Maggie, David and Mikaela in the morning.

Inside of Cacao, note the ceiling
Inside of Cacao, note the ceiling
My Cafe Americano
My Caffe Americano

The hotel concierge recommended Cacao – another restaurant located nearby. While the others ordered continental breakfasts, I was starving and so I ordered the pure American breakfast – scrambled eggs, bacon and a Caffe Americano.

View of the Legion Bridge
View of the Legion Bridge

We set our sights for the Charles Bridge and boarded the Hop On Hop Off Bus. While we could see the bridge from afar, there were so many “Kodak moments” that it took us awhile to get there.

From my research, Kampa Island and the Lennon Wall were located directly off the Charles Bridge and I was happy that everyone else was ok with visiting these destinations.

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After reaching the Charles Bridge, we were surprised by the huge crowd of people. Until this moment, I had no idea how many people in the town were tourists. Some were having their caricatures done and many people were taking pictures from the bridge with the city as a backdrop.

Due to the crowds and the scenery, it took awhile to cross the bridge. I incorrectly thought that Kampa Island was on this side of the river and after asking someone, we discovered that it was on the side that we entered the bridge. Returning back, we set our sights for finding the Lennon Wall.

The wall was once a normal wall, but since the 1980s, it has been filled with John Lennon inspired art and lyrics from Beatles’ songs. The wall is considered be more like graffiti and is continually changing as layers of new paint are applied.

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A newly married couple posed for pictures in front of the Lennon Wall. I found it funny that we coincidentally joined up with them again on Kampa Island where they were taking pictures with the Vitava River as a backdrop.

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Fortunately, we found our way back to the Hop On Hop Off bus stop and deboarded where the boat cruise was set to sail. After boarding, you had a choice of sitting in a chair above deck or going below to stay warm. Peggy and I opted for the latter while Kari joined everyone else and took the pictures shown.

Inside the Hop On Hop Off Bus
Inside the Hop On Hop Off Bus

Since we had an early flight the next day, we opted out of attending the Prague folklore show with a traditional Czech dinner, beer, wine and soft drinks. It we didn’t have to fly out early, this event sounded like a good way to experience some local culture.

We kept it simple by going to La Gare again. Peggy ordered the Beef Bourguignon and I ordered the Duck Leg Confit. She considered her dish to be outstanding. While my dish was good, I thought the duck config at White Horse was superior in both taste and there the duck wasn’t dry. We both really enjoyed the Merlot / Cab Franc blend from Saint-Émilion.

I’m sorry to say that this is the final post of our fabulous vacation. Tomorrow, we fly out of Prague at 7:00 a.m. for a connecting flight to London. We will home by the time this is published.



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