Day 2 – Dinner in Gastown Vancouver BC

Between going to Richmond for Dim Sum and traveling to the Museum of Anthropology, we had done a fair amount of walking. We took taxis back to our hotel and took a short nap. We agreed to meet up again for dinner.

Dinner was another place I had previously researched, The Flying Pig in the Gastown area of Vancouver. Back in the mid 1800’s, John Deighton arrived in Vancouver. He became popular because of his penchant for spinning tall tales and talking without end. The nickname “Gassy Jack” was born and has stuck with the city ever since that time. 

The restaurant was located just beyond Guu with Otokomae and so we walked the same route as the previous night. It was another gorgeous evening for walking the town: blue sky, temperature in the mid to upper 60’s and lots of things to see. Of course, the line at Bella Gelateria was already long. The youngest one in our bunch, Emi, scanned the line and immediately picked out Peyton List from the Disney Channel show, “Jessie“. In fact, Emi recognized her aboard the flight out from LA to Vancouver!

After a short walk, we arrived at The Flying Pig and checked table availability with the staff. We were a large group (9 individuals) and as we’ve quickly learned, restaurants can’t easily seat that many. We were told that our wait would be approximately 45 minutes and so we decided to window shop in the immediate area.

The restaurant notified us that our table would soon be ready and so we scurried back over there. Perhaps we were all impatient, but I was amused that our entire group crowded around the entrance; it was almost like they were preparing to storm the castle.

A few minutes later, we were seated at a long butcher block table designed for large groups. Seating was fairly tight, but I was impressed that the restaurant didn’t have to join tables in order to accommodate us. Popular music was cranked up fairly high and the conversation was appropriately matched. Fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult to converse during our meal.

While I initially thought that the restaurant menu would be predominately pork, I was fascinated to learn that “The Flying Pig” represents their desire to see the impossible happen during each visit. The owners believe in the strong Canadian work ethic and they believe “that you’re only as good as your last meal.”

Porchetta (pork loin wrapped in pork belly) was the special of the day. My wife ordered the veal piccata and the short rib mac and split that with our daughter. I ordered two side dishes, crispy brussels sprouts and lobster and prawn risotto.

    The veal was thinly sliced and served with a lemon caper butter sauce with a side of risotto and some fresh vegetables. The veal was tender and easily sliced with a fork and the lemon caper sauce didn’t overpower the meat.

    I think the bit hit of the table was the porchetta. The pork belly added a lot of moisture and flavor to the pork loin. It was accompanied with mashed potatoes. The brussels sprouts was prepared with lemon and sprinkled with fresh parmesan. Some of the leaves were so crispy they were almost like eating potato chips.

    Unfortunately, the big disappointment was the lobster and prawn risotto. The lobster was barely noticeable, but worst of all, the dish was not even warm, let alone hot.

    The “vanilla cake” was ordered by the girls. We were shocked to see the size (it seemed like a quarter slice of the cake). The chocolate frosting was rich and tasty. The girls had fun taking turns with the photo ops.

    As we walked back to the hotel, I was grateful the girls didn’t beg for gelato.


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