Days 3 & 4 – Aboard the Disney Wonder

We boarded the Disney Wonder on Monday afternoon. The Wonder is Disney’s second cruise ship in their fleet and was remodeled a couple of years ago. If you are a Disney fan, this is definitely the way to cruise.

The Disney Wonder docked at Canada Place
Our scheduled boarding time was 2:00 p.m. The distance from our hotel to the cruise port was only about .5 miles and so we decided to walk instead of taking a cab. We were all smiles because there was no line! The majority of the passengers had already boarded and we in one of the last boarding groups. This suited me just fine because we were going to spend the next 7 days aboard the cruise ship.

After the required emergency drill, the time few by and before we realized it, it was already time for dinner. All nine of us sat together in the Parrot Cay dining room. The menu was a Caribbean theme and I ordered grouper for my entrée.

In the early morning, my wife worked out on the ship’s exercise room. While I initially thought I was awake at 5:30 a.m., I quickly fell back asleep and both my daughter and I slept in.

Our cousins made a reservation in the Wonder’s signature restaurant, Palo. Even better, they invited us to join them for brunch. Since I happen to enjoy Northern Italian cuisine, I was really looking forward to this experience.

My wife returned to the cabin full of glee because she had just won that day’s Bingo tournament. “How much did you win?”, I asked. She replied “85 bucks” to which I simply nodded and grunted.

My wife in front of Palo
Palo is located at the rear of the ship. Because it featured 180 degrees of windows facing to the rear, it offered a tremendous view experience. In fact, one of the servers saw whales from the window and of course, everyone scrambled over to that side of the ship to catch a glimpse.

Brunch featured their extensive buffet and since it was crowded, our server suggested waiting a few minutes.We took the time to enjoy a glass of Proseco on “Mickey” and toasted “To Family”.

Variety of pizzas
Baked Salmon
I was happy that Palo featured Northern Italian fare because I enjoy this much more than the heavier Southern Italian cuisine.Our server walked us through the various stations – there was a station for smaller versions of entrees: pizza, chicken parmesan,baked salmon, pappardelle, Veal Satlimbocca and quite a few other items.

She wooed us at the dessert station and we were impressed to see tiramisu, cannolis, fruit tarts and puffed pastries.The seafood area definitely caught my attention: Alaskan crab legs, scallops, shrimp with cocktail sauce and a calamari salad.

French Gouda, aged 2 years
The cheese station was definitely noticed. A nice variety of European cheese were pre-sliced. I think the favorite of our group was the French gouda that was aged 2 years.

King Crab Legs
Calamari Salad
I was happy focusing on the seafood items on the buffet while the others started with the buffet and moved on to some of the recommended entrees.To allow others to try more items, we shared many of the dishes (e.g., pizza, chicken parmesan). The pappardelle pasta was probably made on-board as it was velvety in texture. It was cooked with butter and truffle oil and I think we had 3 orders.

The others in our group were focused on packing in their dance cards with many of the on-board activities. The girls did extremely well with the trivia game and were only scored by some Disney fanatics. My wife is one of those and also enjoyed participating in their trivia games.

I didn’t attend that evening’s dinner because I was still full from lunch. Tritons Restaurant prepared rack of lamb that evening and I heard the dish was delicious. Our server felt bad for our daughter and gave my wife a full chateaubriand dinner to take back to her.

Sunset over the Inside Passage

We enjoyed a nice sunset that evening.


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