Day 9 – Stanley Park

We got together with my cousins for breakfast this morning. Monday morning was our scheduled day to depart the Disney Wonder. I think everyone was somewhat down that our cruise was quickly coming to an end.

At security, we parted ways with my cousins and checked our bags at the neighboring Pan Pacific Hotel. My wife decided that she wanted to do the “Hop On, Hop Off” bus so that we could get a nice overview of the city. We bought tickets and boarded the bus.

While the bus seats were narrow and the leg room was minimal, at least the narration was good. I ignored the discomfort of the bus and escaped into the narrator’s commentary of the sights and scenes.

We disembarked the bus at Stanley Park. This is a beautiful urban park that is densely populated with trees. According to our Hop On, Hop Off tour guide, these were some of the oldest trees in North America. The park was named after Lord Stanley, a British politician who had been appointed governor general.

z_totem2The city of Vancouver pays tribute to the First Nation people by prominently featuring their totem poles. Since the 1920’s they have been slowly acquiring totem poles so that they can be publicly displayed.

A father and his son cycling at Stanley Park
A father and his son cycling at Stanley Park

There are two lanes along the seawall. The outside lane is dedicated to pedestrian traffic and the inner lane is for cyclists and people on skates. While the day was a bit drizzly, many people were walking and cycling. Perhaps the next time we visit, we’ll rent bicycles and cycle around the perimeter of the park.

Canadian Geese along the seawall
Canadian Geese along the seawall

As we walked, we encountered several gaggles of geese swimming near the seawall. In addition, there were plenty of birds flying around Stanley Park and I’m sure that a lot of bird watchers hang out here with their long camera lenses.

We approached a colorful jungle gym for children. What amused me was the fact that there was a water fountain running and a water cannon. Back in my younger days, I would have fun aiming it at kids hanging out on the jungle gym.  To the side was a shack that was a “drying station”. Kids can enter that to get a head to toe blow dry.

View to the east
Lion’s Gate Bridge

We finally made it to the northern tip of Stanley Park, Prospect Point. This was one of the amazing viewpoints of the city. From there, you can see both sides of Vancouver and Lion’s Gate Bridge. If I lived in Vancouver, I’d spend time there just to unwind.

Fortunately for us, the Hop On Hop Off bus stop was located there. We boarded the bus and traveled to our next destination….


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