Day 2 – Nashville: Dinner at City House

img_1849When I did my research on Nashville, I discovered that City House is one of the most popular restaurants in town. To ensure I would be able to eat there, I made reservations about a month ago. I wasn’t going to repeat the mistake I recently made in Vancover.

I also learned that chef Tandy Wilson won this year’s James Beard award for the best chef in the Southeast. His food is Southern, with a strong Italian influence. That was enough for me to select City House as one of the places we would visit.

City House is a bi-level restaurant with a dedicated bar area. We were seated near the open kitchen. Our server, Michael, was extremely knowledgable about their offerings and how everything was prepared. This made decision making quick and easy.

We already knew that we were going to split a pizza. Our server indicated that the crust is extremely thin and we may want to order something else. I’m lucky that my mom lets me select; if she doesn’t want to eat it, she’ll simply say “it’s yours”.

Octopus Za-atar with winter squash and buttermilk crema
Octopus Za-atar with winter squash and buttermilk crema

I know she typically doesn’t eat seafood, but I had to order the octopus za-atar. What caught my interest is the fact that pan seared octopus is typically an Italian dish and it was combined with za-atar (North African) spices. The octopus was perfectly cooked so that it wasn’t chewy and the za-atar seasoning was delicious. It was combined with sliced winter squash and buttermilk crema.


When I traveled with my mom to Philadelphia, we had traditional Pennsylvania Dutch scrapple. When Michael explained that City House makes theirs with pork shoulder and grits, it was a no brainer to select that as our second appetizer. My mom surprised me by stating that she preferred this scrapple over the one we had in Philadelphia.

Belly Ham Pizza with a farm fresh egg
Belly Ham Pizza with a farm fresh egg

The Belly Ham Pizza appeared to be one of their most popular items. We ordered it with a “farm fresh” egg on top. It was served with melted mozzarella cheese, but without a pizza sauce. The crust was extremely thin and crisp. We both loved it.

Butterscotch Panna Cotta
Butterscotch Panna Cotta

I’ve recently developed a liking for panna cotta and their dessert menu listed a butterscotch version. This was topped with a dollop of whipped cream and chopped chocolate pralines. To complement the richness of the dessert, two pecan wedding cookies accompanied this dish. The dessert was absolutely delicious.



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