Most of us left the ship for the 1:00 p.m. excursion to nearby Honfleur. The cruise director warned us that if we did not go on this outing, that it was important to remain on the ship. Otherwise, we would be left in Caudebec-en-Caux.

Louis XVI is attributed to creating the inner harbor in Honfleur. It is lined with restaurants, bars and art galleries. This attraction created a desire to build high-rise homes next to the port.

AmaLyra Green Tour Leader
AmaLyra Green Tour Leader
Instead of receiving commercial ships or fishing boats, the Vieux Bassin attracts yachts and restaurants. Commercial boats are kept out of the center in larger docks.

We were on the green tour led by the lady in the blue jacket (see photo above) with the green “lollipop”.  She was a reference encyclopedia on Honfleur, easily reciting its history and today’s news and events.

This is Vieux Bassin, a port not for commercial boats, but for luxury yachts. This area became immortalized through works by Claude Monet and Gustave Courbet.

It is difficult to tell from this picture, but is leading up to a drawbridge. Since commercial boats aren’t parked in the inner harbor, the drawbridge doesn’t go up very often.

This building was built in the late 1400’s. The foundation is stone to protect it from the elements and the top of it is wood. To preserve the top portion of this building, shingles were added. The top portion of the building actually extends slightly outward. This was an architectural style that was abandoned in the 1700’s.


View from our restaurant in Vieux Bassin
View from our restaurant in Vieux Bassin

Moules-frites (mussels and fries)
Moules-frites (mussels and fries)
I was determined to eat some local food. Despite the warning from our tour guide, we ate in touristy Vieux Bassin mostly to enjoy the view. I ordered curry mussels and frites and she had a glass of white wine. We enjoyed people watching the entire time.

While we spent the day in Honfleur, our ship traveled to La Havre.  Instead of our bus returning us to this morning’s dock, we arrived in La Havre. There we would spend the night and use that as our port for Normandy Beach.


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