Chaîne des What?

From our cruise director, we learned that AMA Waterways is the only river cruise line that is part of a prestigious culinary organization founded in Paris. This organization is called the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and membership is considered to be an achievement of world-class culinary acumen.

Hearing this news, I felt that I should give the chef’s recommendations for dinner a chance instead of selecting items on the menu something more familar to me.

The Chef’s Recommendations were:

A thick slice of French goose liver was served on a place with an apple slice topped with field greens and surrounded by current sauce and a walnut brioche bun. Melted butter accompanied the goose liver. I enjoyed the taste and the exterior was extremely delicate.

Soup a l’oignon or better known as French Onion Soup. It was served hot and it had a tasty broth with the right amount of salt and a cheese crouton that absorbed a lot of broth. I was happy that there wasn’t a thick layer of molten cheese on the top because this ends up burning the roof of my mouth.

My entree was the lamb duo consisting of Lamb Medallion and Lamb Navarin, with Thyme jus. A small side of ratatouille and potatoes gratin accompanied the lamb duo. I found the Lamb Navarin to be interesting; it was a serving of lamb stew served in a small cup made out of phylo dough.

Dessert consisted of a chocolate tart topped with a raspberry fruit jelly. A small scoop of Amarena ice cream was served alongside it. I enjoyed scraping the dark chocolate from my plate and mixing it with the ice cream.

After dinner, our ship left La Havre and went east to Rouen. Thanks to the good weather, we have been enjoying some beautiful evenings.


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