Day 9 – Visiting Van Gogh’s Home

The rest of my group took a short bus ride to the former inn where Vincent Van Gogh lived his last 70 days and painted most of his famous works.

The town of Auveres – sur- oise is just outside of Paris on the Seine.  Van Gogh lived in a 75 square foot room and felt very isolated at the end of his life, so he painted many nature scenes with not many people in them.

Van Gogh painted every day until his death at age 37.  It is thought that he went in to the wheat field and shot him myself, but missed and shot himself in the chest.  So he went back to the inn where his brother, Theo, tried to help him but it was too late and he died two days later.

Shortly after that, Van Gogh’s brother Theo also died and they were buried next to each other in the town cemetery.  In the end, it appears that Van Gogh’s happiest days were spent in this village, despite the sad ending.

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